The Past

No Exit Records was originally established in 1999 by two local musicians, BuBoNiC NATE and David Harris. The initial idea was to create a framework within which local bands and artists could and would cooperate to help each other out and create a more solidified music scene. At a time when there was no Guitar Center in the Antelope Valley, no local venues at which to play, and no real interconnectedness between the various artists out here, No Exit Records rose up and tried to change things.

Within a relatively short period of time, No Exit Records grew from two bands to five, adding to its rosters many of the favorite local acts at the time, such as Pocket Sized Room and Zerobox. Together, these bands pushed local venues to allow local bands to play and hosted numerous "No Exit Nights" that attracted large crowds hungry for local music. At the same time, No Exit Records began finding ways to record and produce albums by its artists. Redletter released its album "Relations", Dead Rats released "Plains of Empty Id", Zerobox released a self-titled album, and so on. By the early 2000s, No Exit Records had an impressive roster of local bands and artists and a large catalog of local music for sale.

As it increased in size, the label's successes grew, but its egalitarian management structure started to become problematic, proving ill-suited for coordinating the actions of so many different bands and artists. At the same time, many of the label's bedrock bands and artists started to break up, move away, or slowly fade from the stage. By the mid-2000s, the label --- the first of its kind in the Antelope Valley --- had more or less shut down.

The Future

Today, No Exit Records is back. Now dubbed version 2.0.2, this new version of the label is better funded and structured more as a business than a social experiment. The label's bedroom recording equipment has been replaced with a professional grade studio. The label's handshakes have been replaced with recording contracts.

Despite these changes, the label remains entirely focused on supporting, developing, and promoting local artists and the Antelope Valley music scene. It also continues to recognize that true success can only be achieved with the help and cooperation of everyone out here in the Antelope Valley. In other words, we need your help. Do you know of a great, up and coming band? Let us know. Do you want to volunteer to help promote No Exit artists? Get in touch with us. We are convinced that we can, working together, improve the Antelope Valley's scene.